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   Over the summer I was recruited by many colleges to go play baseball for them after I graduated from high school. This process can be very stressful and time consuming, but in the end it’s what college you truly want to go to and which college fits you best. During this process you may become overwhelmed, which can make it a bad experience.

   I remember I was first being recruited when I went to the Virginia Commonwealth Games, in Roanoke. I didn’t really play that much down there. I just hit in the extra hitter spot and pitched two innings and that was about it. I made the most of my chance that I got when I pitched. I remember my dad telling me that once I got into a rythm, to throw as hard as I could. So I did just that and you could say that it definitely paid off.

  After I pitched those two innings, I remember getting a lot of phone calls from coaches all over the state. Each coach asked how I was doing and if I would like to come up for a visit when I had time to. The visits were very interesting. It was really neat to see and take a tour of the colleges’ campus. I remember being really nervous before I would visit because I had never done it before and didn’t know what to expect, but the more visits I took the easier it got for me. During the visits I asked a bunch of questions to try to determine if I thought this was going to be the right college for me, or if I could see myself succeeding at this college. This was definitely the fun part of the whole process.

   The difficult part of the process was narrowing down the choices I had because every college had their own uniqueness to it. What made it easier for me was my dad made a chart and for each college we did the pro’s and con’s about them. I finally narrowed my choices down to three of the top schools I liked. The most difficult part was choosing one college out of those three.  It was also very hard to tell the coaches I thought it was best for me to go to another school besides theirs because I know they put a lot of time and effort in recruiting me or else they wouldn’t of even called.

   Some advice I can give is to visit as many schools as possible. Don’t judge a school because they are too far away or because their too close to home. Pick the school that you think will get you noticed and that will take care of their players. I would also say not to stress about it to where it’s not fun because it should be a very fun process for you.

9 thoughts on “College Baseball

  1. This is awesome man great blog and the way you went threw it by picking the college for you. I think that was a great way of choosing and also a great college you picked good luck man.

  2. Baseball is probably the biggest thing in your life, if I had to guess.
    It is so special that you have had the opportunity to REALLY take something you love to the next level.
    I wish you the best of luck in the whole college experience, especially playing ball!

    Ps. Really liked the descriptiveness in your writing. Great Job!

  3. I like the advice about schools and how to think before you decide. I think you made the right choice on schools.

  4. Chris, this was a great post and I am sure you will enjoy JMU next year! What a great idea to visit all of your different options, so you could truly decide which school was a good choice for you.

  5. We all have to go through this process at sometime. Whether it is for sports, academics, or anything. So it is definitely good to look at your options.

  6. You are very blessed to have had so many choices and I’m glad you had supportive friends and family to help you throughout the difficult process. Making a chart is agreat idea! I remember going through the same thing and how hard it was to pick Roanoke over Longwood and other schools, and then how hard it was to tell the other schools that I didnt’ choose them. It’s also interesting for me to see things more in depth through an athlete’s eyes, as I did recruiting when I coached at Bridgewater. Ultimately you just want the student to be happy and find a school that fits them… I think you made a great decision and it will be awesome for your friends and family to be able to watch you play in home games!

  7. Good advice about how to pick the right college; you had some helpful tips.I’m sure baseball will make college a lot more enjoyable for you. Best of luck for next year!!!

  8. You’re so lucky to have had this opportunity. I’m glad you picked a close place to home. Good luck next year!!

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